Tuesday, March 11, 2008

First Blow from the harsh world.........

Yesterday myself, Naren and Ojas went shopping to Baby Shop for some of Ojas's essentials like diapers etc. Ojas got a little hungry and Naren sat on a sofa and was feeding him from the bottle when one curious looking 2-year old boy came and stood over watching Ojas, naren smiled at him thinking he is one of thse who get fascinated by little kids and then suddenly out of the blue he slapped my little one on his cheeks and so hard the bottle came out of his mouth. What had my poor little child done to him to get a thrashing but then I guess this is a harsh world but for heavens sake my son is just 2.5months old.... In an instant reaction Naren pushed that guy back and a little hard may be he shouldnt have done it or may be he should have.... but if u think from the perspective of a new father I guess his rection was totally justified. He is still feeling guilty that he couldnt protect his son.... and both of us have become paranoids now, whenever we see any small kid around him we get extra alert and dont let the kid anywhere near him. I guess it will take some time for us to recover from the shock. Ojas on the other hand has recovered faster, for one day he refused to take the bottle at all I guess it reminded him of the blow but he is fine now... we still have to recover :)

But I am still wondering what made that kid hit such a small tiny infant? Was it jealousy or was it something else....

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  1. cute blog.. loved going through his pics and reading about him.. God Bless Him